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Federación estatal de compañías y empresas de danza
Aire Nuevo Danza Associates private area, Flamenco, Associates private area, Spanish Dance Aire Nuevo Danza is a proyect born from respect. Respect towards tradition, towards our ancestors and the rich cultural legacy we received from them, and for which we feel thankful and proud. Since the very early days, dancing has been part of every society. Fortunately, the hard work of certain historical personalities ... Alicia Soto – Hojarasca Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental, Urban dance Alicia Soto-Hojarasca is a dance and contemporary creation Company, with a large path since 1994.   The Company has premiered over 30 shows of dance-theatre, multimedia-dance and Street performance of medium and large format. Some of the Company’s shows were nominated for the MAX Prizes, National Prizes for Scenic Arts, of SGAE.   The Company ... ANTONIO GADES COMPANY Flamenco, Spanish Dance THE ANTONIO GADES COMPANY Resident in Getafe  The Antonio Gades Foundation has made the maintenance of the work and style of the choreographer on stage, one of the main workhorses and it devotes much of its efforts. Ten years after the passing of the master, the company that bears his name remains ... ARACALADANZA Associates private area Take dance, contemporary at that, for child and family audiences, add new audiences to quality and innovation and it is quite evident what you get: Aracaladanza. Since the beginning in 1995 and spurred on by the choreographer and true soul of the project, Enrique Cabrera, the company has become a benchmark ... ART & DANZA PROMOTIONS SL Dance Theatre, Flamenco, Spanish Dance ART & DANZA PROMOTIONS S.L.   Art & Danza is a performing arts company with a proven national and international record whose specialty is Spanish Dance and Flamenco. A&D is the product of the collaboration between Carmen Cantero and other professionals with a wide experience in the industry, offering the best services in production, distribution ... Asociacion BETA PUBLICA Associates private area BAAL (Catalina Carrasco & Gaspar Morey) Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental Baal was created in 2012 by Catalina Carrasco (dancer, performer, coreographer) and Gaspar Morey (scientist, tecnologist and performer). They define their work as Transdance: Trans = “across, beyond, through, on the other side of”. Indeed we’re on transit: we’re not from here nor from there. We’re not classified but we do have ... BABIRUSA DANZA Associates private area, Experimental Babirusa Danza founded in 2006 by Beatriz Palenzuela and Rafael de la Lastra, since its inception the company has released several productions for theatres and unconventional spaces in which contemporary dance, physical theater, dance video and videomapping merge. The choreographer Beatriz Palenzuela has received several awards as AD Festival Award Molina ... Ballet Contemporáneo de Burgos SL Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Urban dance, Urban dance Ballet Contemporaneo de Burgos is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the landscape of dance in our country, Spain. It has kept on show production market during these years due to a good scenic work and relationship with national and international choreographers and dancers making that ... Begoña Quiñones & Verónica Garzón Associates private area CAMINANTES DANZA Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Spanish Dance PEPA SANZ & JOSÉ MERINO, versatile dancers and choreographers with extensive experience and training in Flamenco and Spanish Dance who have been developed their career with an open approach to other languages and disciplines, actively participating in bold projects and renovators of contemporary Spanish dance. Girasol Flamenco is the result of ... caraBdanza Classical/Neoclassical, Classical/Neoclassical, Associates private area The Contemporary Dance Company, caraBdanza, was founded in 2007 under the artistic direction of Gonzalo Díaz in Madrid. The work developed from the outset by the Company is located in an internal state , in which each person involved is in contact with oneself emotions, history, ideas, and also connects with ... Carmen Fumero Co. Associates private area Carmen and Miguel are independent professional dancers that collaborate with several choreographers and dance companies in Spain. They have worked together under well-known Spanish choreographers, such as: Antonio Ruz, Daniel Abreu, Mónica Runde, Iker Arrue, Dimo Kirilov and Tamako Akiyama, La Intrusa Virginia García/Damián Muñoz and Compañía Lava. They started to ... Cia Marco Flores Flamenco, Spanish Dance MARCO FLORES DANCE COMPANY is a Company in Residence at Teatros del Canal in Madrid. It has been a recipient of awards such as: The Specialized Critics Award in Festival de Jerez. In just over seven years the company has reached international acclaim. Its shows have taken part in numerous ... Cia Mariantònia Oliver Associates private area, Dance Theatre Cia. Mariantònia Oliver The company was formed in 1989 in Barcelona, moving to Mallorca in 2000, working with a strong social commitment, curating a Europe-wide festival in a rural context and embarking on educational projects. Since then she has created a variety of performances for both adult and younger audiences with a ... Cía Poliana Lima Associates private area, Experimental Cía. Aïda Colmenero Dïaz Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental Cía. Arnau Pérez Associates private area Cía. Daniel Abreu Associates private area The Daniel Abreu Company was created in 2004 and has, since then, presented more than 40 choreographic works. Daniel Abreu, the director and creator of these works, has won a number of prizes such as National Prize for Dance, and gained a recognition that has enabled him to be programmed in ... CÍA. IBÉRICA DE DANZA Dance Theatre, Spanish Dance, Dance Theatre, Flamenco, Flamenco, Associates private area, Spanish Dance Iberica de Danza Company More than 25 years of hard work are a testament to Iberica de Danza’s prestige. It was founded in 1993 by Manuel Segovia, winner of the National Dance Award for Creation in 2001 and the Villa Madrid Award for Choreography in 2004, and Violeta Ruiz del Valle. ... Cia. Júlia Godino i Alexa Moya Associates private area, Dance Theatre Co. Júlia Godino i Alexa Moya Founded and composed by both dancers and creators, Júlia Godino Llorens (1996) and Alexa Moya Panksep (1997), is a contemporary dance company that arose with the creation of their duet Picnic on the Moon in 2018, and that has as its foundation the collaboration with ... CienfuegosDanza Associates private area Led by the awarded choreographer and stage director Yoshua Cienfuegos (Costa Rica National Dance Award’10), CienfuegosDanza has developed a rigorous approach that has earned the company important awards, as well as the recognition of critics and audience alike, throughout its fifteen years history and more than fifteen productions. Its successful artistic ... CIRCLE OF TRUST Urban dance Company founded in 2002 consists of bboys from Zaragoza, referents to the break dance scene nationally and internationally. Their philosophy: moving from the street to the performing arts scene. Shows for big brands (Nike, Red Bull, San Miguel, Coca-Cola, etc..), Participation in national and international dance festivals (Trayectos,Dias de Danza, IDF ... Compañia Antonio Ruz Associates private area Founded by its director and choreographer, Antonio Ruz, following a successful bid during Centro de Danza Canal Madrid first call for residencies selection with the project No Drama. The company revolves around the research of movement; fleeing from labels while seeking interdisciplinary cooperation, such as arts at large and contemporary music, creating ... Compañía de Danza “Iker Gómez – Teatro Físico” Associates private area, Dance Theatre Founded by choreographer Iker Gómez in 2007 thanks to the support of AREAtangent. Since its formation the company has made a total of five full-length stage productions in all of them using the same common denominator: dance, theater, video and scenic inevitable dose of humor. Three of these productions have been selected ... Compañía Improvisada Associates private area Compañía Nómada Associates private area The Nomadic Company develops as a fundamental pillar to cross the barrier of spaces that are normally presented for dance. Nómada is also a research platform, using theater, audiovisuals or other artistic aspects to enrich their shows that result in joint creations, individual works and even works with creators outside the ... Compañía Sharon Fridman Associates private area Compañía Sharon Fridman is a contemporary dance group formed in 2006 and based in Madrid. The company’s first piece was released at the Certamen Coreográfico of Madrid and won several awards for creation and production.  The technical foundation I use in my work is focused on the relation between gravity and balance, ... Cristian Martín Associates private area, Spanish Dance, Spanish Dance, Spanish Dance, Spanish Dance, Spanish Dance, Spanish Dance, Spanish Dance, Spanish Dance, Spanish Dance, Spanish Dance, Spanish Dance, Flamenco This experienced dancer and creator is one of the most promising talents on the national and international scene. His dance training is diverse and extensive, bringing an impressive versatility and range to his dancing. He studied classical ballet, Spanish dance, flamenco and contemporary movement and choreographic approaches. He is a graduate ... DANA RAZ DANCE PROJECTS Associates private area Dani Pannullo Dancetheatre Co Urban dance Argentinean born Dani Pannullo developed his entire career as choreographer and artistic director in Madrid (Spain) where he lives and works since the 80’s. He is well-known for his avant-garde vision of dance creation and for his pioneer introduction of urban dance in the stage. Pannullo’s universe combines urban poetry, social ... Daniel Doña Compañía de Danza Española Associates private area, Flamenco, Spanish Dance Daniel Doña (Granada 1977) Daniel Doña is one of the most prominent dancers and choreographers representing current Spanish dance scene. His work goes beyond formal boundaries capturing the essence of diverse styles and references. He comfortably moves between renewed Spanish dance, flamenco and contemporary dance, not confining to any given framework. ... DANZA DOWN. Compañia Elias Lafuente. Classical/Neoclassical, Classical/Neoclassical, Dance Theatre, Spanish Dance Dance company integrated entirely by people with intellectual disabilities, especially with down syndrome, with more than 15 years of experience and with a career recognized by both the critics and the public. The repertoire includes adaptations of the great Classical Ballets, as well as Spanish Dance, Zarzuelas, Musical Comedies of renown ... David Vento Dance Theater Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Urban dance Elephant in the Black Box Dance Company Associates private area Elephant in the Black Box is directed by the choreographer and dancer Jean-Philippe Dury. Founded in 2013, the company is formed by a group of dance artists coming from different countries and prestigious companies. Elegance, precision, fluidity and excellence are EBB's trade beside the wish to explore contemporary themes. EBB is ... Elías Aguirre Associates private area, Experimental, Urban dance Dancer, choreographer, photographer and visual artist. Bachelor of Fine Arts, also studied at the Conservatory of Dance in Madrid, Master in Performing Arts and studied graphic design and multimedia communication.   In 2008 begins to create his own choreographic works with a particular label: contemporary dance, urban dance techniques and a very present ... EMILIO SERRANO DANCE COMPANY Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Flamenco, Spanish Dance Emilio Serrano Dance Company. After a long career as a dancer in more than thirty companies and choreographer in numerous works, in 2008 Emilio Serrano founded his own company, always with a one objective: "give life" to their creations and develop their choreographic and artistic facet from his own vision. After premiering ... EnClaveDANZA Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental, Experimental EnClaveDANZA is a company run by Brazilian artist Cristina Masson (100 LATINOS PRIZE MADRID 2010 for her career as a dramatist, dancer, and choreographer; recognition by the Miguel Hernandez Foundation). It incorporates artists from a range of different nationalities based on the surprising possibilities of their bodies. The company started ... esmanagement Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Flamenco, Associates private area, Spanish Dance   ESMANAGMENT  is the result of years of experience in the field of  performing arts. Founded by Elena Santonja, with more than 20 years of trajectory, the company offers a service range: management, communication, promotion and booking. Specialized in booking and management for  dance companies with different styles and sizes. Among its artist ... Fernando López Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental, Flamenco Madrid, 1990. He has a PhD in Aesthetics, Sciences and Technologies of the Arts, Speciality in Dance and Arts of the Gesture in Paris VIII University (France). He has a Degree in Philosophy in Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), a degree in Contemporary Dance in Paris VIII University, a degree ... FRITSCH COMPANY (PSICO BALLET MAITE LEÓN FOUNDATION) Associates private area, Dance Theatre The FRITSCH COMPANY is the professional scenic company from Psico Ballet Maite León Foundation, with selected dancers and actors with and without disabilities with high artistic potencial. This Company seeks for laboral employement in the performing arts. Psico Ballet Maite León Foundation emerged in 1980 with the aim to show society the aesthetics ... Fueradeleje Associates private area In 2008, dancers Marisa Vera, Iñaki Fortún y Virginia Oroz committed to work professionally in Navarra and created Fueradeleje, a company that has allowed them to produce their own shows and combine the exhibition of contemporary dance with their promotion of the autonomous community. They maintain their commitment to disseminate ... INSTITUTO STOCOS Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area  INSTITUTO STOCOS is a project focused on the analysis, research and development of the interaction between body gesture, music and interactive visual imagery, integrating in a performative context abstractions taken from other disciplines such as artificial intelligence, biology, mathematics or experimental psychology. The trilogy Acusmatrix, Catexis, Stocos, the Neural Narratives ... Iron Skulls Co Associates private area, Urban dance, Urban dance, Experimental, Urban dance Iron Skulls Co, based in Barcelona, is a dance collective dating back to 2012-13, though originating from the Bboying (Breakdance) group called Iron Skulls Crew, formed in 2005. Composed of dancers from several areas of Spain, it is known for its distinctive style, bringing together various disciplines, and always aiming ... JAVIER MARTIN Associates private area, Experimental Javier Martín (A Coruña, Spain). Choreographer, researcher and performer. He conducts a research project based on an epistemological perspective around the arts of movement, breaking away from conventional speech and its different scopes. He focuses on writing, performative conferences, plays accompanied by workshops and work groups, activation and development of research ... LA INTRUSA – Virginia García & Damián Muñoz Associates private area LA INTRUSA is a contemporary artistic creation company directed by Virginia García and Damián Muñoz. They celebrated their twenty years on stage with the recognition of the 2015 National Dance Award, for their artistic creation. Since its beginnings, their work have been characterized by the ability to generate poetic performances, with a strong visual ... La petita malumaluga Associates private area, Dance Theatre   La petita malumaluga is a company made up of dancers and musicians specialized in performing arts for babies, early childhood and their families. It is committed to respectful creative projects, provocatively non-infantilized languages and artistically contemporary proposals. His productions have been presented in China, Norway, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Hong Kong, ... La Phármaco Associates private area La Phármaco is a Contemporary Dance company directed by Luz Arcas (Master of Arts in Directing, La RESAD, Madrid; Master of Arts in Coreography and Interpretation, Conservatorio Superior de Danza, Madrid) and Abraham Gragera (Master in Fine Arts, poet, Winner of El Ojo Crítico de Poesía 2013 award). La Phármaco’s repertory ... LA QUEBRÁ Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental, Experimental, Experimental, Experimental, Experimental, Experimental, Experimental, Experimental, Experimental, Experimental Biography Irene Garcia graduated in Classical Dance at the Conservatory of Murcia and graduated in choreography at the Institut del Teatre. Barcelona She manages the dance company La Quebrá since 2015. Winning and participating in several awards for young choreographers n various festivals: -Finalists at the 2018 edition of the Institut del Teatre’s Dance ... LA VERONAL Associates private area, Dance Theatre MARCOS MORAU & LA VERONAL Marcos Morau (Valencia, 1982) studied choreography at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Valencia and Movement Research in New York. His artistic skills are not limited to dance but extended into disciplines such as photography and drama, studying the Master ... Larumbe Danza Associates private area LARUMBE DANZA is a multicultural company situated in Madrid since 1996, although its origin can actually be traced all the way back to the seventies in Belgium, where it was led by the diseased choreographer from Navarra, Karmen Larumbe. Currently led by the directors Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo, LARUMBE ... Losdedae Associates private area Chevi Muraday, after studying Contemporary Dance in Spain, Europe and the United States, is awarded Best Dancer at the VII Choreography Contest of Madrid in 1992. The idea of creating a contemporary dance company originates at that moment and takes off later in 1997 with the name of LOSDEDAE. The Company ... Manuel Rodriguez Associates private area, Experimental MARIA JUNCAL COMPANIA FLAMENCA Flamenco MATARILE Associates private area, Dance Theatre Matarile Teatro is one of the leading companies in Spanish contemporary theater. Since its creation in Santiago de Compostela in 1986, by its artistic directors Ana Vallés and Baltasar Patiño, the company has continued to hone its own artistic language and style. 2016 marks 30 years of professional work, a period in which ... MERCEDES PEDROCHE Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental Her research interests in the field of creation straddle dance and theatre creations. On the stage she finds a space for questioning with no boundaries or labels, where impromptu theatre transforms into dance, fiction into reality, and the spectator as a participant in the events on stage. She understands creation ... Metamorphosis Dance Associates private area Mey-Ling Bisogno physical theater Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental Dancer, choreographer and actress born in Venezuela with Chinese and Italian ancestry and a French nationality. She has built her career on a journey of several stages that includes the cities of Caracas, Miami, New York, Buenos Aires, Paris and Madrid. She studied various techniques of dance, movement and theatre to feed ... Milagros Galiano Associates private area She studies Ballet and gets her degree by The Royal Conservatory of the Dance of The Hague (Holland). In 1999 she starts as a dancer in Víctor Ullate 's Dance Company, where she stays for 2 years (Spain). ​In 2001  she finishes her degree as Physical Education Teacher (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). ​Little after she finds in Contemporary Dance her way to develop her work. ... Nesma Al-Andalus Danza Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Associates private area A Spanish Dancer and a Choreographer of Oriental Dance, Arab-Andalusian Dance and traditional Egyptian dances, NESMA discovered Arabic music and dance participating in shows created with her brothers for television. She was captivated and became initiated in dance in Madrid and then Paris. She lived in Cairo from 1993 to ... Ogmia Associates private area Founded in 2019, Eduardo Vallejo Pinto's company currently ranks as one of the new proposals of the local scene with more consistency. The research work of the movement of its Director as a choreographer is developed through a research methodology that delves into the body's own innate code. This unique ... Paloma Hurtado Associates private area Paloma Hurtado de la Cruz was born in Málaga in February/ 1987. In 2007 she get the Medium Degree of Contemporary Dance at the Royal Proffesional Dance Conservatory in Madrid. Courses in Spain and Europe : Jos Baker, Milan Kilvaldy, Milan Tomasik, David Zambrano, Jozef Fruzek & Linda Kapetanea, Laura ... Paula Quintana Associates private area, Experimental, Flamenco PaulaQuintana Actress, dancer, creator. -She couples her work for companies with her career as a creator based on visceral communication, as one person with feelings to another. Substance and form constitute one sole element through which her own language is generated composed by differents styles with add up a lot of virtues and complete each other’s shortcomings ... Paula Quintas- Cía TrasPediante Associates private area PEINETA PRODUCCIONES Flamenco, Spanish Dance Peineta Producciones is an innovative cultural management company specialized FLAMENCO. It offers services in distribution, management and performance production. The company represents high level award-winning artists with solid track records, characterized by their original and creative stage performances, set apart from others by their unique choreographic and interpretative voice.   ARTIST: Olga Pericet ... Rajatabla Danza Dance Theatre, Experimental, Flamenco, Spanish Dance Rajatabla Danza is Esther Tablas’s creational platform. Esther Tablas is a choreographer and dancer in constant search of a unique language combining the traditional character of Spanish dance with her possibilities of creative change. Esther Tablas aims for a versatile dance where the performer is an all-embracing artist. Music, images, light ... Rita Clara Dance Theatre, Flamenco, Spanish Dance The “Rita Clara” Company is a flamenco dance company founded by the flamenco dancer Rita Clara and the guitarist Jesús Rodríguez. Their shows merge dramaturgy and avant-garde choreography based on flamenco classicism. “Amanecer flamenco (Flamenco dawn)”, “Música y Danzas de la Frontera (Music and dances of the frontier)”, “Nana para despertar ... Sara Calero Flamenco, Spanish Dance SARA CANO COMPAÑÍA DE DANZA Associates private area, Experimental, Spanish Dance Sara Cano is a dancer and choreographer whose styles straddle from contemporary dance to Spanish dance, folklore and flamenco. Graduated as choreographer and performer of contemporary dance from the Higher Conservatory of Dance Maria de Avila of Madrid. As a professional dancer, she has formed part of companies such as Teresa Nieto in Company, the Antonio ... SIL Producciones-Artes en movimiento Associates private area, Dance Theatre Taiat Dansa Associates private area Tejido Conectivo Associates private area Tejido Conectivo is an artistic project strongly committed to dance pedagogy and performance, with the new models of education through movement and with the new languages ​​of the body in the contemporary scene. A project that focuses on the search for a self movement pedagogy and a way of conceiving ... Zig Zag Danza Associates private area, Dance Theatre Since 2000 this group has explored the bording fields between movement and theatricality, creating a language for each of the jobs that has occurred. In its concept of the scene, light, sound and stage area shares the spotlight with body language . The company has moved in different national and international ... ZukDance Company Associates private area, Experimental, Urban dance