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Federación estatal de compañías y empresas de danza
Ángel Garcés Associates private area, Urban dance Carmen Fumero Co. Associates private area Carmen and Miguel are independent professional dancers that collaborate with several choreographers and dance companies in Spain. They have worked together under well-known Spanish choreographers, such as: Antonio Ruz, Daniel Abreu, Mónica Runde, Iker Arrue, Dimo Kirilov and Tamako Akiyama, La Intrusa Virginia García/Damián Muñoz and Compañía Lava. They started to ... Carmen Macías Associates private area Freelance choreographer, dancer, and teacher from Tenerife, Canary Islands. Graduated as BPA (Hons) in Northern School of Contemporary Dance-NSCD (Leeds, England). Trained between Spain, England and several European countries in the field of movement, improvisation and contemporary dance techniques, and continued working with different international choreographers. Focused on her own creative proposals ... Celeste Ayus Associates private area My name is Celeste Ayus , and  i am a performer and coreographer of Gran Canaria and I discover my artistc universe  through the hall of my grandmother's house at the age of 5, singing and dancing but I was autodidact until 18 years old, I watched videos, i made ... Cia danza María Mora Associates private area, Dance Theatre Cía. Daniel Abreu Associates private area The Daniel Abreu Company was created in 2004 and has, since then, presented more than 40 choreographic works. Daniel Abreu, the director and creator of these works, has won a number of prizes such as National Prize for Dance, and gained a recognition that has enabled him to be programmed in ... Cía. Javier Arozena Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area Javier Arozena Cía. is the creative tandem of choreographer and perfomer Javier Arozena and the architect Gino Senesi. Our process is directly or dialogically connected with choreography, performance and physical theatre by exploring its relationship with the viewer and investigating ways in which the the space of representation is continuously put into crisis. We ... Compañía Nómada Associates private area The Nomadic Company develops as a fundamental pillar to cross the barrier of spaces that are normally presented for dance. Nómada is also a research platform, using theater, audiovisuals or other artistic aspects to enrich their shows that result in joint creations, individual works and even works with creators outside the ... Cristina Hernández Cruz Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre Born in Los Llanos de Aridane, La Palma (S/C de Tenerife) 6/1/1976. She has a degree in Dramatic Art (superior degree in Dramatic Art at EAC 2008-2012,Actors' School of Canary islands) . In childood she combines sports and artistic activities (music, theater, gimnastics, handball,..) She worked as an IT engineer until the beginning of 2012, since ... Daniel Morales Associates private area, Urban dance, Experimental, Urban dance Company directed by Daniel Morales, dancer, choreographer and teacher born in Gran Canaria and trained in Urban and Contemporary Dance since 2002. His vision focuses on the transmission of thoughts, sensations and experiences that everyone can relate to, with his own language that he has developed through the deepening of ... EL JABLERO Associates private area EnbeDanza Associates private area EntreDanza Classical/Neoclassical esther martínez danza Associates private area ESTHER MARTINEZ (31/05/1965) C/ Punta de Anaga, 32 38111 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife e-mail: esmagonrojas@gmail.com telephone: +34 60502060 She begins her dancing career studiying Ballet making her debut with the Tenerife Ballets (1982-1984) a ballet company directed by Miguel Navarro. Her first contacts with the contemporary dance were of course with the Graham and Limón technic. From ... FLAMENCURÍA OBDULIA BUSTOS Associates private area, Experimental, Experimental, Experimental, Flamenco, Flamenco Creative processes of body and movement based on the Flemish root   Insatiable researcher of the Dance-Movement and its repercussions on the groups of the population that practice it. Doctoral student at the University of Medicine of the ULL (La Laguna, Tenerife) where she is developing her research thesis about the Benefits ... JAVIER CUEVAS /SOLUCIONES DRAMÁTICAS/ Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Experimental, Experimental Dramaturgist, performer, curator and context-generator for contemporary performing arts. Artistic director of TenerifeLAV (Live Arts Lab of Tenerife, Auditorio de Tenerife, Canary Islands). Artistic director at Danza en Breve (Teatro Leal La Laguna, Tenerife 2020). Degree in Philosophy, Master in Systemic Family Therapy . Activities Coordinator at Centro Párraga (Murcia) from  ... NATALIA MEDINA COMPAÑÍA DE DANZA Associates private area Paloma Hurtado Associates private area Paloma Hurtado de la Cruz was born in Málaga in February/ 1987. In 2007 she get the Medium Degree of Contemporary Dance at the Royal Proffesional Dance Conservatory in Madrid. Courses in Spain and Europe : Jos Baker, Milan Kilvaldy, Milan Tomasik, David Zambrano, Jozef Fruzek & Linda Kapetanea, Laura ... Paula Quintana Associates private area, Experimental PaulaQuintana Actress, dancer, creator. -She couples her work for companies with her career as a creator based on visceral communication, as one person with feelings to another. Substance and form constitute one sole element through which her own language is generated composed by differents styles with add up a lot of virtues and complete each other’s shortcomings ... Reinier Alfonso Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental The Resident Company the Choreographic Center of La Gomera Associates private area The Choreographic Centre of La Gomera is divided into two departments to be able to bring attention to Dance and the Body from a sensitive perspective. ​The Choreographic Department and the Pedagogical Department. The CCG understands the artistic, the cultural, the educational and the social as a common good and reflects on ... Yurena Ruiz Associates private area