Federación estatal de compañías y empresas de danza


The Association for Professionals and Companies for the Development of Dance in Andalucia, henceforth PAD, with ‘P’ standing for Professional, ‘A’ for the regional variant Andalucia, and ‘D’ for the sector of ‘dance’. It is created with the object of contributing to the advancement of the professional dance sector in any of its fields. It establishes links of cooperation and dialogue between institutions, companies and cultural agents, as much at the regional, as national and international level.

PAD is a non-profit organisation grouping Andalucian dance professionals and representing them before public and private institutions with the object of promoting and supporting the sector, improving its working and training conditions and contributing to its professional development.

PAD acts as an agent for the cohesion and strengthening of the dance sector, to increase the prestige of the profession and encourage a greater presence and recognition within our society. PAD is currently an organisation acting as a cultural agent with the capacity and structure to represent and envisage the problems Andalucian dance professionals and creators are commonly facing.

PAD attempts to create a working environment where members can meet the public sector to work jointly on projects, policies, and strategies and where the association is recognized as advisory body and expert in the dance sector. PAD intends to achieve recognition and appreciation of the authors and creators dedicated to the Andalucian Dance.