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2Proposiciones dance-theatre / Raquel Madrid Associates private area, Dance Theatre Dos proposicionesdanzateatro was created in 2005 within the programme of Sala Endanza “Young Creators” (Seville); since then, and primarily with private financial support, they have joined the professional Andalusian Dance Community in creating, directing and producing scenic projects. The Company has been working at a local, national and international level producing ... Alberto Cortés Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental, Associates private area ANABEL VELOSO FLAMENCO DANCE COMPANY Dance Theatre, Spanish Dance, Flamenco, Spanish Dance ANABEL VELOSO DANCE COMPANY 'X Anniversary of the Anabel Veloso Dance Company: courageous, brave and natural' "Anabel Veloso's prolific artistic portfolio reflects the courageous nature of those who feel flamenco is a force, a creative necessity and almost a clear sign of a cultural demand. Her long  career has shown, since its celebrated ... AndanZas Dance Theatre, Flamenco AndanZass, is linked to TNT  (Territory of New Times)  which celebrated 20 years in 2015 . Has become a beanchmark for theater investigation across the country. In 2008 TNT with Atalaya has won the National Theatre Award  “for the creation of an original  exhibition space, production, theatrical training and  reflection,  the ... Bárbara Sánchez Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental Bárbara Sánchez I’m Bárbara Sánchez. This is the name of the person who signs all the contracts and pays all the taxes. Then there are the others. All the ones who have appeared along the way. They aren’t discrete, they aren’t split personalities; rather, possible incarnations that have unfolded along the ... Bikini.Ducc Associates private area, Dance Theatre The company Bikini Ducc was created in Seville as a result of the shared interests of a choreographer, musician, and video creator in researching and creating multidisciplinary scenic art. Embracing contemporary dance as their principal means of communication, the company has deliberately shunned the rules and pointless canons restraining aesthetic ... Cía David Segura Classical/Neoclassical, Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental, Urban dance CÍA. LA TARASCA Classical/Neoclassical, Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Experimental, Experimental, Experimental, Experimental, Experimental, Experimental Since the early 1990s, our Company has developed different lines of work in which dance has played a central role. Shows such as Mi Cuerpo Soy Yo (My Body is Me),La Flauta Mágica (The Magic Flute), Amnesia 13 Negritos, El Sueño de una Noche de Verano (A Midsummer Night's Dream), Woodoo, ... Cia. Proyecto Uno Associates private area, Experimental Company composed of a solid artistic and technical team, under the direction of Inmaculada Jiménez, who after a long career as a dancer and performer takes the initiative to create a team of work, responding to need for developing an artistic search. Proyecto Uno / is born in 2006 with the aim of ... Compañía Danza Mobile Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Flamenco The Company Danza Mobile began its professional career in 2001 with a reference in the field of national and international inclusive contemporary dance Since the first staging, more than 30 shows with which more than 600 representations have been made, forming part of national programmes such as 'Danza a Escena' and 'Platea', 'Enrédate' circuit ... Compañía Danza Mobile Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Flamenco Compañía Engranaje Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Flamenco DA TE DANZA Associates private area, Dance Theatre The DA.TE dance contemporary dance company was born in the city of Granada, under the artistic direction and choreography of Omar Meza in October 1999, aiming to show and publicize contemporary dance as a current, live, and appropriate language to tell stories compromised. Da.Te dance is a consolidated project that ... El Punto! Danza Teatro Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Urban dance El Punto! Danza Teatro - Founded in Seville in 1997, continues the work that the brazilian choreographer, actor and cultural manager, Fernando Lima is developing in Spain since 1992. The company adopts personal language that arises from the need to mix different artistic disciplines.   EN PROFUNDIDAD Associates private area, Experimental Being in between, outside and inside the stage, I can get what it side offers me and transfer it to the other one. Hermanas Gestring Associates private area, Experimental, Experimental "Daughters of a bearded woman and an elephant dwarf decided to become sisters by a pact of navels" Laura Morales and Greta Garcia, decide to join in 2013 and bet on new paths for creation. For this they configure two characters: Aletra and Virtue, able to adapt to what is ... Inma Montalvo Cía Associates private area, Dance Theatre La Casquería Associates private area, Experimental La Casquería was set up in November 2012 by dancers and creators Raquel López (Ponferrada, 1981) and Anna París (Barcelona, 1978), and conceived as a collective for artistic creation in the area of the arts of movement and contemporary dance. From then, the collective commutes between Seville and Barcelona and ... La Pícara Cía. Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Flamenco La Pícara Company was created by dancer, actress and choreographer Mariché López and lighting technician Sergio Rodríguez. In La Pícara, dance and music come together in a creative space where flamenco is the starting point for studying new expressive horizons. Mariché López is from Malaga and she has a degree in ... La Turba Dance Theatre Lo que toca Associates private area, Dance Theatre For eight performers, "Lo que Toca" is a piece, premiered in one of the most important Theatre in Seville: Maestranza theatre in 2011. "Dance, art, famlily...  are not an option, just touched you"   Lucía Vázquez Madrid Associates private area, Experimental Dancer and Choreographer.   ‘A restless and daring performer, like few others. Nothing escapes her curiosity, all artistic forms make up her universe. Her pieces usually become an investigation into video, sound, text and costumes, using everything together with her body in an ultra-sensitive way; thus endowing them with a kind of simplicity ... Marco Vargas & Chloé Brûlé Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Flamenco, Flamenco   The union of Marco Vargas and Chloé Brûlé is characterized by a shared understanding of the “baile flamenco” as dance. They are keenly interested in telling and sharing stories, expressing their concerns by narrating them in movement, and seek continual enrichment for themselves and their collaborators.   In 2005 Marco Vargas and ... Maria M. Cabeza de Vaca Associates private area, Experimental María M. Cabeza de Vaca is a contemporary dancer and a choreographer.  She graduated in Spanish Philology and in Classical ballet.  She was trained as a contemporary dancer in the CAD (Andalusian Academy of  Dance). She has developed her career as a performing artist in dance and theatre companies such as:  ... Melisa Calero Dance Theatre, Experimental, Flamenco Mopa Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental Mopa was founded in 2002 by the hand of Juan Luis Matilla. Company of processes of collective creation, music and humor to the implementation of their shows, incorporating creators Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola, Fran Torres, Roberto Martinez, Benito Jimenez, Eloisa Canton, Raquel Luque, Daniel Alonso, Paul Pujol, Ellavled ... Natalia Jiménez Gallardo Associates private area, Experimental Chorégraphe, interprète, enseignant et masseuse shiatsu, interessé au mouvement depuis la recherche, la création, la santé et la pédagogie. Certains de ses créations scéniques en collaboration avec d'autres artistes sont: JÚBILO avec l'anthropologue Leticia. S.Moy et le dramaturge Jorge Gallardo, L_ENTES dans une co-création avec la chorégraphe Iris Heitzinger et La Mesure du Desordre un spectacle créé ... Proyecto Pies Muertos/María J. Villar Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental Rosa Cerdo Associates private area, Experimental In 2014 Silvia Balvín founded the creative collective Rosa Cerdo, starting a fruitful collaboration with Alberto Almenara which results in a full-length performance (ALF, premiered in Teatro Central in the context of Mes de Danza 23, Seville), another one still in process (h o v e r i n g, ... Salud López (SLD) Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental, Flamenco Salud López (SLD), Seville (Spain) Choreographer and gestural researcher. She directs the SLD Laboratory "La pensée en mouvement" in "Tierra de nadie" From no man's land to anormal nomad. Pedagogical experiences in creation".  She has conceived an endless number of projects such as "Pista Digital," "Proyecto Paso," "Coreógrafas Prêt à ... Ximena Carnevale Cía. Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental Formed in 2012 from the hand of dancer and choregrapher Ximena Carnevale and Dj/Producer kitty soul. As a creative team, they factured scenic contemporary pieces under one premise: dance permeability with other disciplines. They produce and conduct their own works and collaborate with choreographers and scene directors in other people’s creations. ... ZEN DEL SUR Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Associates private area, Urban dance, Urban dance, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Flamenco, Urban dance BIO ZEN DEL SUR  Labelling "Zen del Sur" into a single modality within the performing arts sector is not an easy task. Their expressive language is the result of research and connection between disciplines such as dance, live music and the circus, knowing how to transmit a special sensitivity through body ...