Federación estatal de compañías y empresas de danza

EMPRENDO DANZA association is formed by companies mainly related with dance distribution and production activities. Is a non-profit association and does not follow any particular ideology. Its members are either people or companies belonging to the private sector. The influence field of the association is restricted to Madrid Regional Government, but it is open to professionals or companies willing to take part in the consecution of its aims and the exchange of knowledge, experiences and technical cooperation, especially to improve individual management (sharing results) and to promote collective working guidelines.
Aims and objectives:

  • Improving professional qualification and the development of management procedures, particularly the creation of platforms and meetings aimed to the announce dance companies’ activity in Madrid Regional Government.
  • Promoting and developing cultural tourism.
  • To increase awareness of the patrimonial value of dance in the arts as well as the importance of research in the arts field to promote its development.
  • Collaborating and cooperating with associations and institutions —from public and private sector— sharing similar interests.
  • To favour collective projects through national and international administrative mechanisms as well as bilateral and multilateral cooperation programs.
  • To offer a place to exchange information, encourage reflection and promote cooperation among the members of the association.