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Federación estatal de compañías y empresas de danza
Ángel Garcés Associates private area, Urban dance Cia danza María Mora Associates private area, Dance Theatre Cristina Hernández Cruz Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre Born in Los Llanos de Aridane, La Palma (S/C de Tenerife) 6/1/1976. She has a degree in Dramatic Art (superior degree in Dramatic Art at EAC 2008-2012,Actors' School of Canary islands) . In childood she combines sports and artistic activities (music, theater, gimnastics, handball,..) She worked as an IT engineer until the beginning of 2012, since ... EntreDanza Classical/Neoclassical JAVIER CUEVAS /SOLUCIONES DRAMÁTICAS/ Associates private area, Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Dance Theatre, Experimental, Experimental Dramaturgist, performer, curator and context-generator for contemporary performing arts. Artistic director of TenerifeLAV (Live Arts Lab of Tenerife, Auditorio de Tenerife, Canary Islands). Artistic director at Danza en Breve (Teatro Leal La Laguna, Tenerife 2020). Degree in Philosophy, Master in Systemic Family Therapy . Activities Coordinator at Centro Párraga (Murcia) from  ... Paula Quintana Associates private area, Experimental PaulaQuintana Actress, dancer, creator. -She couples her work for companies with her career as a creator based on visceral communication, as one person with feelings to another. Substance and form constitute one sole element through which her own language is generated composed by differents styles with add up a lot of virtues and complete each other’s shortcomings ... Reinier Alfonso Associates private area, Dance Theatre, Experimental